Dry Creeks Landscaping Services in Edmonton

Transform your outdoor living space into something unique with a custom dry creek from Lotus YEG in Edmonton. Our experienced team will work to create the perfect water feature that suits both your style and practical needs. With our custom dry creeks, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful meandering stream beds, edged with striking plants, flowers and rocks. We can also install stepping stones, bridges or even waterfalls to add more interest to your landscape. A dry river bed is an eye-catching addition to any property and is a great way to make use of natural resources like rainwater runoff or drainage systems.

Still unsure if a river bed is right for your yard?  

  • Does you property have a history of flooding?
  • Do you live in a place with heavy rain-fall? 
  • Do you want an attractive landscape feature that needs very little maintenance?
  • Do you have areas of poor grass growth?

Why You Need A Dry Creek Bed

If your yard is experiencing erosion and drainage issues, creating dry creek beds is a customized solution to reduce potential damage. Our custom-made dry creek beds turn an eyesore into an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property, while also providing an effective solution for runoff control and reducing water damage. We use high-quality materials such as river stones and mulch that blend seamlessly into any landscape design. Our dry river beds landscaping services not only solve drainage problems but can also be used as decorative features like winding paths or meandering streams.

Give your landscape the protection it deserves - install a dry creek bed!

An easy and stylish way to prevent erosion while adding aesthetic value.

Dry Creek Ideas

Dry Creek Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Space

  • A Simple Dry Creek River Bed
  • Stunning Stone Feature
  • Dry Creek Bed with a Fountain
  • A Stone Path
  • Dry River Bed Waterfall
  • Rain Gardens & Water Drums
  • Combination of Rock Beds, Mulch & a Bridge

Dry Creeks Landscaping

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